Sunday, September 9, 2012

Never Stop Dreaming

After we reach a certain age I think it is unavoidable that we allow some of our dreams to fall by the wayside.
"It is too late." 
"I am too old." 
"There are other things in my life more important than chasing that dream." 
"I chose another path, so I'm committed to follow it."
"Other people will judge me and think my dream is silly." 
How many of you have made one or more of these excuses, and in doing so, given up on pursuing a dream?  I know I have.  I spent ten years dreading almost every day that I went to work as a lawyer.  But, I spent three years in law school and ten years practicing law.  Being a lawyer was part of my identity; a very large part.  The law was the path I chose.  Am I not obligated to follow the path I chose?  I struggled mightily with this dilemma.  In fact, it took me between six to eight months to finally give myself permission to leave my job at the law firm and start my own personal training and pageant coaching business.  And, even after I made the big move, I was consumed with self doubt, regret, and guilt.  But, now, two and one half years after following my heart and releasing myself from expectations that no longer made me happy, I am content in my decision, thankful that I was brave enough to take the leap, excited and in awe of the opportunities I have been blessed with and the successful business I have created, and thankful for my husband who made it possible for me to take a chance and fulfillment.
The moral of this story is two fold.  Life is too short to follow a path that no longer makes you happy, and it is never too late to be the person and do the things you have always dreamed of being and doing.  Make sure the path you are walking is right for you.  Don't allow yourself to be shackled by old expectations.  If it doesn't make you happy anymore, take a u-turn.  Be authentic to who you are NOW and what you want NOW.  
Go For It!