Saturday, February 18, 2012

Final Appearances as Mrs. Tennessee International

This week I was lucky to have the opportunity to make two very meaningful appearances as I wrap up my reign as Mrs. Tennessee International 2011.  My client and friend, Shields Thompson, Miss Scenic City Outstanding Teen, asked me to accompany her on a visit to the Le Bonheur Childrens' Hospital here in Memphis to spend some time with some incredibly brave children.  The kids were so strong; so resilient, and they inspired me.  I appreciate Shields for including me in this heartwarming experience.

The next day I was honored to speak at my husband David's alma mater, Lake County High School.  I spoke to almost 100 high school girls about the importance of dreams, believing in themselves, and about never giving up.  The girls were very receptive, respectful, and I had a lot of fun with them.  David introduced me before I spoke, and I was so honored and touched by his sweet words.  This week was a great way to end my reign as Mrs. Tennessee International. 

Two weeks from tomorrow I will be crowning my successor.  I wish for her a year as meaningful and as fulfilling as the year I have experienced.  As a titleholder, we make the experience what it is.  We can chose to do nothing, do a little, do just enough, or truly make a difference.  I like to believe I made a difference, and I am determined to continue to do so after this journey comes to an end.  I hope the next Mrs. Tennessee International decides to do the same.

Mary-Marsha Riley
Mrs. Tennessee International 2011

I must say that this little angel looks a lot better in my crown that I do! 

It was an honor to spend the afternoon with some extremely brave young people.

It was very special to be able to speak at David's high school.

These girls are great.  Lake County High School is doing it right.   

Every girl loves a crown!


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