Saturday, November 17, 2012

Who Peed on My Yoga Mat?

You know that delicious moment when you realize your husband is utterly clueless and you have an opportunity to blow his comfort zone to pieces?  I live for those moments, and I relish administering the reality smackdown.  Frankly, it brings me joy in this life!  Luckily, for my entertainment value, my friend Lela Davidson, who also has a bit of an evil streak, relishes in these moments too.

Written with a take no prisoners (especially when it comes to those she loves the most :) honesty, Lela shares her family's finest moments in a laugh out loud collection of essays every woman will eat up with a spoon.  I shared one particularly hilarious tidbit with my husband that literally left him shaking with laughter...
During a romantic weekend getaway, Lela caught her husband, John, stroking his face with a random loofah a prior guest had left behind in their hotel room.  Utterly grossed out, Lela explained to her clueless husband that loofahs are not in fact used exclusively to cleanse faces. 

Horrified, John asked, "So, that thing hanging in our shower- that fluffy thing?  You use it on your..."

"Ass crack,"  Lela replied, thereby blowing John's sweet and sanitary idea of loofahs into a million poop scented pieces.

Staring helplessly and forlornly out the hotel window, John lamented to himself, "I specifically don't use that on my ass because I know its for your face."

Relishing in that priceless moment of smackdown, Lela replied, "That's funny Babe.  Because I specifically don't use that thing on my face because I know its for your ass."

See?  Good stuff.  Now, go buy this book.  You will laugh out loud and maybe give yourself permission to embrace your own family's freak flag and fly that thing freely; at least for a little bit :)


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