Thursday, October 28, 2010

STREETS Ministries Halloween Party

Today was a good day.  My husband David and I, along with a group of wonderful friends we recruited, hosted a Halloween party for Georgia Avenue Elementary third graders in downtown Memphis.  The cupcakes, popcorn balls, chips, Capri Suns, and candy were flowing!  We helped the kids decorate pumpkins to take home with them, and we all had an amazing time.  These children are inspiring, and spending time with them is always uplifting.

I have also had a wonderful first month of tutoring Devon and Jamal.  I have had the opportunity to spend 6 hours of one on one time with the boys this month, and their progress is impressive.  They both took part in the party today, and I look forward to seeing them again on Tuesday and embarking on our second month of tutoring.  I have no doubt that the remainder of our school year together will be amazing.  You can see Devon in the photo below in between me and my husband.  We both adore the little guy!    

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