Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Inspiration

My passion for fighting heart disease began a little more than two years ago when my dad, Bernie Porter, sufferered a heart attack. For years I had felt afraid and helpless because there was nothing I could do to get my dad to stop smoking. The heart attack did what my sister, my mom, and I could not ever achieve; it convinced my dad to stop smoking. Now, two years and two months later, my dad is smoke free and heart healthy. He has a new outlook on life, and I could not possibly be more thrilled or proud of him. His journey, and my memories of feeling helpless with regard to his health, inspired me to take up the fight against heart disease. As a spokesperson for Go Red for Women and in my career as a personal trainer, I am empowered to help people improve their health and their lives. I do this because of my dad; because of his strength and his determination to become heart healthy. He is my inspiration! Read about his journey in the article I wrote published in the May 2011 issue of "Memphis Health and Fitness Magazine." Way to go Daddy!!

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