Friday, April 6, 2012

Thought for the Month of April

In life, I try to pay attention to things that inspire me, and I am constantly intent upon improving myself and my outlook on this life.  I am the first to admit that sometimes life becomes heavy.  If you pay attention in life, you cannot escape seeing all the pain in the world.  Sometimes that pain is difficult to overcome and challenges hope and faith.  But, we can't let the hurt and pain in the world handicap us from making positive change in our own lives and in the lives of those we share this planet with. 

I am the kind of person who always needs a goal.  Obviously last year at this time I was in full on preparation mode for Mrs. International.  This year, my goals are to become happier and place in the Top 3 in my age group in a 5K race.  What is pretty convenient about those goals are that they work together.  When I run, I am happier!  But, I truly want to commit the next year to self discovery and improvement.  I made huge strides toward that goal last year, and I want to make even more progress this year.

I think the following thought from the inspiring Dale Smith Thomas gives all of us a jump start to improving our outlook and our perspective on life.    

"What you focus on gets bigger." Those 5 words if we truly understand them, believe them, and act on them can totally change our lives both personally and professionally. Are you focused on what you have accomplished and the things that are going right or are you focused on what isn't going right? Are you focused on your dreams and goals or are you "focusing" on the opinion of others and allowing it to slow you down?

-Dale Smith Thomas

Happy April! 

God Bless,
Mary-Marsha Riley

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