Thursday, January 6, 2011

Heartwarming Honor

I've been blessed in this life to receive several wonderful honors, but yesterday Linda Money, the director of the MidSouth Animal Rescue League, touched my heart when she named a sweet little rescued puppy who is now up for adoption "Mary-Marsha."  For those of you unfamiliar with the MidSouth Animal Rescue League, it is a no-kill rescue organization committed to finding safe, loving, forever homes for the forgotten animals of the MidSouth.  Our sweet puppy, Jude, came to us from the MidSouth Animal Rescue League, and it was through the process of adopting him that David and I came to know Linda.  She works tirelessly and passionately to save animals and provide them with happy and healthy futures.  I am touched that she sees in me the same passionate love for animals that she feels in her own heart.  Below you will find photos of little Mary-Marsha along with the facebook address for the MidSouth Animal Rescue League.  Please "like" the facebook page and support the MidSouth Animal Rescue League.

Little Mary-Marsha


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