Sunday, January 2, 2011

Protecting our animals and the dreams of our children...For Jordan.

Those of you who know me know my heart was broken on October 20, 2010, when my sweet dog Jordan went to Heaven.  Jordan was more than a dog.  He was my best friend, companion, support, and my partner in crime.  We were together for almost 15 years; my entire adult life.  Through the good times and the sometimes very bad, Jordan was my constant; my place of peace.  A very large piece of my heart went to Heaven with him in October, but his memory and his unique and beautiful spirit will forever live in the portion of my heart that remains.  What I do and who I am is in his honor.

The innocent spirits of children and animals are precious and to be protected.  The work I do to provide children with the abilities, skills, and most importantly, the belief that they can achieve their dreams, is incredibly fulfilling.  And, my passion for animal rescue is extremely close to my heart as I believe animals are truly the purest form of life and should be treasured and protected, not neglected, abused, and forgotten.  As Mrs. Tennessee International 2011, I reaffirm my committment to protect at risk children and animals.  I do this for Jordan.

God Bless,
Mary-Marsha Riley
Mrs. Tennessee International 2011                   

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